How to legally purchase firearms and ammunition in CA

Online Orders and Private Party Transfers

Online Orders

Online orders of firearms and ammunition must be shipped to our retail store. The following rules apply to all online orders:

  • Firearms purchased must be California compliant. It is your responsibility as the purchaser to ensure all purchased firearms comply with federal, state and local laws governing possession of firearms. See the helpful links section below for information on CA legal firearms. All non-compliant firearms will be returned and the shipping cost will be passed onto you. Contact us to ensure your firearm is compliant before placing an order.
  • There will be a transfer fee of $60 for the first firearm. $45 for additional firearms. In addition, there is a required CA DROS fee of $37.19.
  • Online ammunition order fees: 10% of invoice plus $10

Private Party Transfers

  • $10 fee per firearm in addition to required CA DROS of $37.19. Fees must be paid in cash.
  • Buyer must ensure they can legally posses the firearm being purchased. We are not responsible for a refund should buyer not pass background check.
  • In the event that buyer is ineligible to purchase the firearm, the firearm will be returned to seller. If seller is unavailable or cannot pickup firearm, firearm will be turned over to the Burbank Police Department.

NOTE: For all firearms sales, online and private party transfers, buyer must pickup firearm within 30 days of the delivery date on your DROS form. If firearm is not picked up within that time frame, buyer will have to complete another DROS and pay the DROS fee of $37.19 once again.